Wilson Kipsang replaces injured Farah in Zevenheuvelenloop


Kipsang replaces injured Farah at Scholten Awater Zevenheuvelenloop

Nijmegen – Former world record holder in the marathon Wilson Kipsang replace the injured Mo Farah in the Scholten Awater Zevenheuvelenloop. Farah is suffering from a calf injury and therefore can not be at the start of the Nijmegen fall classic. Besides Kipsang the participants extensively with the New Zealand twins, Jake and Zane Robertson and former Zevenheuvelenloop winner Ayele Abshero.

With Wilson Kipsang comes another world class runner to Nijmegen. The Kenyan is the only three times managed to run under 2:04:00 hours on the marathon. In late September, he also continued with his personal record 2:03:13 hours and the fourth fastest time of all time down at the Berlin marathon. In 2013 he ran a world record in the same city. Also on the shorter distances, the 34-year-old athlete quickly. His best time of 41.35 min is not far behind in Nijmegen run world record of Leonard Komon (41.13 min).

Like Wilson Kipsang are also the brothers Jake and Zane Robertson for the first time at the start of the Scholten Awater Zevenheuvelenloop. The New Zealand twins moved to Kenya in 2007 to introduce himself to focus on their running career. Especially Zane grew into a world-class athlete. As one of the few non-Africans, he can battle with the world. In early October he set solo a time of 27.28 min down to 10 kilometers. He is one of four non-Africans who ran the half marathon within the hour. Along with defending champion Joshua Cheptegei the Robertsons do battle with Wilson Kipsang and Ayele Abshero.

With the help of Alberto Mazzucchelli



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